Welcome to all avid readers, unsung heroes, literary adventurers, and cookie bakers! Albert and The Christmas Spider  have a new friend in town: Be A Smile Maker! And we think it’s something to smile about!

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This excellent children’s book helps kids feel the specialness of Christmas. The author (Beth Roberts) spins positive psychology into the wonderful web of the Christmas Spider. The Christmas Spider by Beth Roberts is a highly recommended gem for kids of all ages!

– Rich Pfeiffer, MDiv, PhD 

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Baking with Melissa,  who was featured on Lifetime’s season 1 of Supermarket Superstar, posts blog on Albert  as “sweetest little story.” Read more about Albert on her blog and see how she, too, is spreading the love of baking.

Albert featured on Baking with Melissa blog

Albert featured on Baking with Melissa blog